Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Hours

This is our last full-sized listing for 2008. We may post a few jobs and housekeeping or informational items in the waning days of the year, but overall, expect a skeleton operation here until approximately January 5th or thereabouts.

We plan to follow up our much-viewed Spring Intern Extravaganza with an even larger Summer Internship guide sometime in January. Any HR or intern-supervision folks are encouraged to send links to their opportunities – intern or otherwise – in the public affairs/communications field.

Outreach Process Partners specializes in government agency & and contractor communications. They note opportunities for Director of Communications (Annapolis, MD) and Outreach Specialist (Annapolis or New Orleans) on their company site. They also have recently advertised a Director of Outreach Communications position, working at a client site in Winchester, Va. I’ll let you sort it all out yourself.

The American College of Surgeons has an opening for an Assistant Director for Legislative Affairs with particularly meticulous skills and legislative/health policy experience.

There’s a fellow in the news recently who appears to have done pretty well for himself after starting out in community organizing. I can’t guarantee that working as Executive Director for Buyers and Renters Arlington Voice (BRAVO) will start you on a career arc that ends up at 1600 Pennsylvania, but you’ll never know unless you try. Bilingual is a plus, apply by Feb. 9. Note: job found via – they’ll eventually ask you to register (free, relatively painless) after a few visits.

The Executive Director, Budgets at George Washington University is a little outside our usual scope of flack, do-gooder and lobbyist-oriented offerings – but it sounded enough like a big deal that we thought it deserved some play here. The ED,B will be responsible for the development of financial plans for the University and oversee the preparation and management of operating and capital – with a cheerful and obedient* staff of twelve to do your bidding. Via Diversified Search.

The Executive Director of Government Relations, Laboratory Operations for Batelle supports the execution (and, I’ll wager, the funding) of their activities at this roster of National Laboratories: Pacific Northwest, Oak Ridge, Idaho, Renewable Energy, Brookhaven, Lawrence Livermore – as well as the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center. Frankly, the whole thing sounds cool and impressive. Search here if previous link proves iffy.

MetroStar Systems provides collaborative solutions designed to integrate people, processes, technology, and learning across an organization and its geographic boundaries. They seek a Social Community Associate (note: pdf link) to manage online social network communities related to new media activities. Qualification number one reads thus: College degree preferred with background in marketing, public relations, English or communications. Accordingly, this looks like a possible entry-level opportunity.

Bayer would like to procure a Legislative Assistant to monitor congressional and administration activities critical to Bayer’s Crop Science, Material Science and Healthcare divisions, along with some administrative work supporting their government affairs activities. Search through here, using job ID 6515, if previous link fails.

I know a few of our viewers come from the graduate school of public policy/administration community, so perhaps someone will enjoy seeing this RAND Corporation Researcher (use advanced search, job ID 2238) opportunity specifically calling for PhD in Public Policy, Policy Research, or Policy Administration (or a similarly designated graduate program) candidates. DC, Pittsburgh, or Santa Monica locations are possible.

The Center for American Progress has an immediate opening for a Senior Policy Analyst with with energy/environmental policy experience; especially related to renewable energy. Primary role will be work on a long-term project to formulate policies for renewable energy transmission corridors and a national smart grid.

The Sisters of Mercy are an international community of religious women serving people who suffer from poverty, sickness and lack of education with a special concern for women and children. They would like to add a Public Policy Advocate and Director of Justice to work on domestic and international legislation impacting the ministries and concerns of the Sisters of Mercy. Bachelor's Degree or certification in Social Justice, Theology, Peace-building, Public Policy, Community or International Development or related field preferred.

Friday’s job-searching resource is for those eager types who can’t wait for our January ’09 intern-o-rama –

* best-case scenario; your results may vary.

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