Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Catch of the Day

Some excellent lobbying/legislative jobs are among the opportunities found in today's nets - please enjoy, tarter sauce optional.

In the spirit of tax season, we bring you this Public Affairs Specialist offering from the friendly folks at the Internal Revenue Service. If resume submitted passes their audit, your W-2 scorecard will fall somewhere in the $102k-$133k range. Job ID 09CN1-CIE0071-1035-14-MO, apply by Apr. 13.

Or, you could go for a management job with the Department of Labor – specifically as their next Director, Office of Public Affairs. You would be charged with providing strategic leadership in directing NLRB's communications activities towards the media, Congress, and the public, and you’ll get to charge the government $120k-$153k for your good works. Job ID 09-037, apply by Apr. 17.

Xcel Energy seeks a Lobbyist, Federal Government Affairs for a passel of public affairs duties – lobbying FERC and elected officials is tops on their list. Xcel is also in the market for a less-seasoned teammate in the DC office: Federal Legislative Affairs Specialist.

The American Dental Association is looking to hire a new Congressional Lobbyist (job ID is 6187, but you’ll find it easily enough). They seek a minimum of 2 years experience as a lobbyist or as a congressional staffer; familiarity with Federal health care issues would be a plus.

Are you the kind of guy or gal who could “lead and inspire highly motivated communications professionals who are responsible for establishing and maintaining EXTOC* relations with the regions, networks and other WBG business units?” If so, please dive into the job advert for Manager, Program Coordinators with the World Bank. Just be sure to do it by Apr. 17.

Phillips (the electronics giant, not the seafood empire) invites well-organized and multi-task-capable applicants for the Executive Assistant/Office Manager posting with their Government Industry & Affairs office. You can also hunt it down via this link, using DC location.

April 17 seems to be a popular deadline – that’s also the day the Virginia Department of Health will last look at resumes for a Public Information and Education Assistant (search using job # 0028092) in their Richmond offices. Pay level is $24k or above.

General Electric has a fresh call for a Government Relations Leader for their healthcare group. Successful candidate will provide strategic policy analysis and build strong relationships on Capitol Hill and in the Administration. GE prides themselves on creative/innovative thinking – and it appears you had best be able to demonstrate those characteristics, too. Can also search here, using job number 1039118.

Beautiful town? Check. Highly-regarded employer? Sure. Bountiful paycheck? Lands somewhere in the broad-range of $63k-$158k. New listing? Appears to have been posted Apr. 2. OK, enough already – what’s the job? Director of Development (you'll need to look under University Staff – Executive tab) for the University of Virginia Art Museum. And here’s another entrance link if that one proves tricky – keep hunting, you'll find it.

The US Green Building Council advertises some relevant opportunities on the careers page:
The Independent Electrical Contractors have $45k-$55k a year earmarked for their next Communications Manager. Broad portfolio includes contributions to Insights magazine, newsletters, press releases, website, and other communications/publications channels, as well as media relations work.

Freshly-posted (April) opportunities with the Council on Foreign Relations:
The WateReuse (water re-use, get it?) Foundation seeks a Project Manager - engineering, environmental science, chemistry, biology background preferred.

Today’s job searcher’s reference – this fine Fortune article on creative and persistent job search efforts.

* Stands for External Affairs department of Operational Communications, if you must know.

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