Friday, July 31, 2009

Nice, Lazy Afternoons

The Institute for Policy Studies, self-identified as a progressive multi-issue think tank, seeks an experienced Communications Director to join their growing communications department. Apply by Sept. 11. Intern opportunities (scroll down) also available, with an Aug. 5 application deadline suggested.

Why is it always “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” – couldn’t you also use flower vs. seed, instead? In any event, don’t pose that question if you’re called in to interview by the American Seed Trade Association for their Director of Public Affairs opportunity.

We’ve mentioned several of the jobs available here with Greenpeace in recent weeks – but here’s a couple new ones:
Burson-Marsteller is looking for a Senior Level Healthcare PR Specialist in DC with strong pharma experience – but you won’t find it at that link (at least as of Thursday, as we put this together). You can, however, find a little more info via their twitter feed, or by going to the always-helpful tweetgrid search and looking for BMGlobalNews.

Walgreen’s is looking to stock a new Director, Federal Government Relations in the DC store – JD or Master’s degree desired; along with extensive GR and Capitol Hill experience. Healthcare committee experience especially desired, as well as familiarity with Medicare/Medicaid and pharma issues. Or search here via DC location or job ID 15806.

Do you have a library science degree – or at least graduate coursework in same? Please check out (ha!) the Librarian opportunity with the Government Accountability Office – $47k-$74k – GAO-09-KS-1410-10 – apply by Aug. 13.

How does administrative support work assigned to a project scanning and indexing files and correspondence sound to you? If you didn’t let out an anguished cry in response, then perhaps you can handle this Admin Assistant opportunity with the Secretary of the Senate’s disbursing office. They’ll disburse $32k annually to you for your trouble. Job ID AOA2009 – apply by Aug. 3.

Fancy yourself Joe or Jane Corporate? Director of Corporate Communications (scroll to find or search ID 42056) with the Corporate Executive Board might be your thing.

Mom was right – make sure you wash your hands! Her direction is writ large by the Academy for Economic Development through their involvement in the Public Private Partnership for Handwashing. Where do you fit in? As a Specialist, Secretariat Coordinator for the program, as you coordinate and lead efforts to identify and mobilize new resources for the initiative and collaborate with partners and country-level teams in developing new sources of funding. A lot of other AED opportunities can be found here.

Don’t get your hopes up too much – the Advocacy Assistant position with the National Peace Corps Association is, in fact, an internship. Of the unpaid variety. Still, probably a pretty attractive intern gig.

Nothing new in DC among the jobs available with the Natural Resources Defense Council, but maybe someone is interested in:
The Center for Progressive Leadership will accept resumes until Aug. 31 – or until your sparking resume, compelling letter and nailed-it! (yes!) interview takes their External Affairs Manager job off the market.

American Medical Association – they’re not busy these days, right? So their Public Information Officer job is probably a nice, lazy way to pass your afternoons until you join the gang at Donovan House or Bar Pilar. Can also search here, under all locations or keyword 2682DH – doesn’t come up under DC, oddly enough.

DAI – aka Development Alternatives Inc. – has opportunities to get in on efforts to fight poverty and bring economic growth, good governance and other related benefits to the developing world. Search here if links fail you.
Northern Virginia-based nonprofit needs Executive Assistant for long-term (one year?) temp assignment. $16-$19/hr. Search managed by Randstad.

We get requests for more marketing communications jobs – so here’s one Marketing Coordinator for AECOM (search MidAtlantic region or job ID 34631BR).

If you have experience managing a Arabic language website, the World Bank would probably like it if you checked out this Communications Associate posting. And you don’t want to disappoint the World Bank, do you? Apply by Aug. 27.

It appears the American Public Transportation Association first put out the call for an Advertising and Circulation Coordinator (note: pdf link) in mid-June. We suppose they’re looking for more resumes with this recent ASAE listing – and noting a $37k-$50k pay scale.

You know you’re not qualified for the Congressionally Directed Actions Coordinator job with the Office of National Intelligence – heck, you’re probably not even qualified or cleared to look at it. But maybe nobody else will apply by Aug 7. $102k-$133k – job ID PC947.

Here’s a far-flung Friday listing all the way from Polk County, Iowa – the Text Processor for the Iowa House of Representatives enters bills and amendments into the legislative computer system; prepares bills for introduction; incorporates adopted amendments into bill text; maintains files and records of House study bills; prepares bills for signature by legislative leaders. If this sounds like you, well then you should probably [mean-spirited suggestion deleted] check it out and apply by Aug. 4. Starting pay = $29k. Can also search here, using req ID 6524BR.

Your July-closing job search tool is the venerable Riley Guide – providing excellent and extensive online job search resources since 1994!

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