Friday, October 1, 2010

Weird Notion, Hip PR Firm, Urban Forestry & Kudos for Discovery

Looking for something different to get yourself out of the house on a Fall weekend? How about pitching in with urban tree-planting with Casey Trees? Get some exercise, learn how to successfully plant a tree (hey, you might actually own a home some day) and improve the DC's tree inventory: opportunities abound in October. Then you can reward yourself by taking in some of our other suggestions for weekend fun/dissipation at bottom of this post.

Added too late for our Tuesday PR Jobs Special, so we’ll give the DCI Group a nice lead-off slot for their new Account Manager position.

We thought of checking out the American Management Association’s career site just because we saw a couple folks sporting AMA badge lanyards in line at Perfect Pita. If you were actually to apply for and get one of these positions, consider the idea that your whole life’s course might change just because we decided we were in the mood for a veggie hummus sandwich. Weird, right?
This is great. The bright folks at Discovery Communications have recently updated their career/job search page* and now include the date individual jobs have been added/posted. We love it when companies/associations let us know how fresh jobs are. – and we’ll surely be featuring more jobs from them like:
Another group using the liked-by-us iCIMS solution is Consumer Reports – who bring you this fresh Media Relations Associate position – media relations experience on Capital Hill, Executive Branch, or trade association a plus.

Gates FoundationSenior Program Officer, Pacific Rim – Global Health Policy & Advocacy group

We probably should have included the Clinton Global Initiative in last week’s Humanitarian/Relief Special – although it would have only added this Junior Writer slot in New York to the haul ….. well, there is Intern info (NY, Little Rock, Boston) also noted.

Speaking of internships – how about some with the ACLU?
Get involved with the essential advocacy work on behalf of people with physical and intellectual disabilities of The Arc as an Online Marketing Specialist.

American University:
AmtrakPrincipal Officer, OIG Communications – $90k-$115k – job ID: E-90122685 – apply by Oct. 11

Capitol Hill:
The Wildlife Alliance is new to us – we’ll have to make sure we include them in our next (long-overdue) Environmental Special. As of our a.m. post time, their new Communications and Marketing Position is just 17 hours and 33 minutes old – $55k-$60k – apply by Oct. 23. Scroll down for considerably less-fresh and probably-filled Intern slots.

Opportunities with 4-H – self-described as America’s largest youth organization – and boasting 60 million alumni:
Future Business Leaders of AmericaPublications/Communications Manager

Modern Technology Solutions seeks Public Affairs Specialist – secret clearances, nuclear detection & DHS seem to be involved, all of which combine to unnerve us.

DBC PR+New Media refer to themselves as hip – we’re skeptical, but really in no position to judge. Experience with press releases, media lists and social media sought for their Account Coordinator post.

Primescape Solutions:
Millenium Challenge CorporationStudent Intern – 15 positions available – apply by Oct. 15

For you Friday resource, we offer up the job board of the conservative/libertarian-oriented America's Future Foundation ..... and celebrate Jobstoberfest! with more Oktoberfests! this weekend in ArlingtonFt. BelvoirFrederickGermantownStrasburgVienna

* on a related note – we really like the iCIMS recruitment platform more than most other competing products – at least from our external/applicant perspective. Nice choice, Discovery. We're always happy to share our perspectives/opinions on your HR page/job-search platform – just email us.

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