Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sat Links

No jobs today. Here's a handful of links, instead:

Job Search Shortcut
- basic, no-nonsense job search suggestions (along with links to a lot of pay services or stuff you have to register for - but you can easily ignore that) - resource focused on non-profit fundraising online, but full of perspectives that are also useful in a broader communications/job-search context.

Wall Street Journal and New York Times career sections offer a steady stream of job-search tales and tips - and their online classifieds occasionally turn up DC-area jobs we don't see advertised/posted elsewhere.

Still getting the hang of Twitter? We recommend the TweetGrid dashboard and search tool to help you understand and expand Twitter's utility. We see a handful of jobs referenced and passed around on Twitter of late - even some first generation offerings directly from HR folks. We are becoming increasingly convinced that PR/advocacy professionals and job-seekers need to at least be familiar with this channel. Note: you can follow DJPA+CJ on Twitter under username barnesgordon (usually just a preview of what's coming up a couple times a week).

Forbes - Best Places for Business & Careers (March 2009)

The Tax Foundation recently announced that Tax Freedom Day comes early this year. Perhaps this a good time to remind you that their Intern application deadline is a familiar-sounding April 15.

This Fortune article on creative and persistent job search efforts is one of our recent favorites. We're also fond of the Business Week career section.

New to DCPA+CJ? Here's a little background to get you up to speed.

The latest in maybe-disturbing job-search trends? The please hire me site:
Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist blog has a pretty devoted following.

Porter-Novelli's blog on their recent web redesign - interesting stuff on the thinking and process surrounding a major web redesign project.

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