Monday, May 18, 2009

Deadline-centric & Interrupt-driven

Some great new jobs today, and we also revisit a few earlier finds with errata, additions and updates – but first, don't overlook our previously-referenced jobs closing this week:

Dept. of Agriculture/Food Safety Inspection ServiceMedia Public Affairs Specialist, Press Officer – $73k-$113k – job ID W-CPAO-2009-0026 – May 18

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesEthics Program Administrator – $86k-$113k – job ID HHS-CM-OOM-2009-0045 – Baltimore/Woodlawn – May 19

The American Foreign Service AssociationLegislative DirectorMay 20

World BankSenior Public Sector SpecialistMay 20

Office of Financial StabilityAccountant – $102-$133k – job ID 09-DO-398DH – May 20

Department of LaborStaff Assistant – $60k-$79k – ARRA-ETA-09-041DEU – May 21

Guardian News & MediaMultimedia Producer – or search here, using reference # AK210 – May 22

Customs and Border Protection Agency Senior Public Information Officer – $73k-$95k – job ID is IHC-256928-SFP-PN – May 22

Human Rights FirstDirector, Law & Security ProgramMay 22

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners seeks a Communications Specialist who can stay abreast of regulatory issues. Duties also include providing Hill staff with consumer education materials, as well as writing/editorial work on NAIC speeches, Congressional testimony, talking points and other products.

Intel is looking for two Director of Government Relations (search using DC location or job number 566211 & 566212) candidates with a minimum of 10 years work experience on Capitol Hill and/or the Executive branch – and outstanding interpersonal, communications and lobbying skills. They suggest you apply before Aug 1, 2009 – we suggest you move considerably quicker than that. Also available in the DC office: Senior Media Relations Manager (565582) – perfect for think-on-their-feet types who can operate in a deadline-centric, ambiguous and interrupt-driven environment.

Most of these are approximately three weeks old, but Powell Tate is probably still happy to receive resumes for:
We see (or think) the World Wildlife Fund has extended their search for a Coordinator, Foundation Relations to May 31. We noted a May 20 closing date a while back. Maybe we had it wrong the first time.

Job seekers with military public affairs experience apparently have the inside track for Camber Corporation’s two openings for Public Affairs/Public Relations Supervisors (job code 923). Winning hires will manage and direct PR/public affairs activities, including running community relations, speakers bureau, special events and new media channels. Luckily, they’re also looking for a pair of Mid-Level Public Affairs/Public Relations Specialists (922) to help carry the load. You can also search here, using job codes or DC location.

Here’s a recently-posted (May 14) opportunity with energy, materials and consumer products conglomerate Koch Industries: Director, Environmental & Regulatory Affairs. It appears Koch reposted or updated their Director of Federal Affairs (energy issues) on May 7; we first referenced it here on Apr. 15, along with the Director of Federal Affairs, Tax job that is also still active on their careers page (search DC).

The Abraham Group, an international strategic consulting firm headed by the former Energy Secretary and U.S. Senator, himself, is looking for an Executive Assistant/Receptionist. Broad salary range of $35k-$55k noted.

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials would like to stockpile a new Director for Public Health Preparedness. Graduate degree in public health, science or social sciences required, along with knowledge of and experience with public health preparedness policy and practice issues, preferably at the state level. Compensation level: $65k.

If you possess grant writing experience and love of the beautiful game (aka futbol, football, soccer, or as some of our less-enlightened pals call it – commie kickball), perhaps the National Development & Grant Writer job with America SCORES is your thing. Duties include tracking and researching national grants for the program, as well as creating and implementing a system of ‘best practice sharing’ among the affiliates, related to grants, marketing, and fund raising.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ latest offering appears to be this Research Associate, Housing Policy job – requiring facility with spreadsheets and working with large data sets, such as the American Community Survey, as well as using data analysis software such as STATA. The Center has other legislative & policy jobs listed on their website – but you might want to check these against our late-March Think Tank Special to determine the freshness of these postions.

This sounds so challenging and worthwhile, we had to share it with you: building the Haitian Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training's capacity to engage the Haiti business community to support education improvements as Public/Private Partnership Specialist with the Mitchell Group. USAID experience, good knowledge of Creole, and willingness to relocate to Port au Prince are required.

The Associated General Contractors seeks and experienced and effective Director of Congressional Relations to promote infrastructure advancement issues within the construction industry. Your Capitol Hill background should include work on major construction program funding and authorizations.

The Advisory Board is a large and well-known health care research firm providing best practices insight and consulting and technology solution services, serving thousands of hospitals, health care systems, pharmaceutical companies and insurers. But apparently all that activity just isn’t enough – or they wouldn’t be on the hunt for an Associate Director, H*Works Marketing and New Business Development. Passion for healthcare, goal and solution orientation, drive and tenacity, and superb presentation and facilitation skills are among their wants.

The Natural Resources Defense Council has a new call out for a Climate Field Director to manage field campaign staff in 8-10 states and coordinate campaign activities with NRDC staff in 3-4 additional states. Accountabilities include working with the legislative and communications teams to prioritize field targets and create communications strategies that supporting NRDC policy agenda.

For Monday’s job search resource, we suggest keeping an eye on the Potomac Flacks blog to help keep track comings and goings in the local spokesperson and communications biz, as well as occasional job listings like this Communications Director position with NAVA, the Association for Insured Retirement Solutions.

And, of course, best of luck with your deadline-centric and interrupt-driven week ahead from the team at DCPA+CJ.


Richard Lipman said...

Love your site, browse it every day. Any chance we could get another round of entry-level jobs? Some of us are dyin', out here.

Gordon Barnes said...

Richard - good request. It's actually been on my mind that I need to unearth some more entry or low-experience opportunities as part of the daily output here - and I appreciate the nudge.

That said - you can give yourself a pass on visiting us tomorrow as our Tuesday focus is the opposite of what you're looking for. We're featuring senior jobs: President, ED and VP types.

Thanks for the feedback - I'll try to deliver some more entry-level items. PS - you can always check out Heather Huhman's entry-level PR twitter feed: if that's a field that interests you.

Happy hunting!

Gordon Barnes said...

And also - here's a low experience (unfortunately, not entry-level) communications job with the council of state governments in Bethesda -

Richard Lipman said...

Thanks for the quick response, Gordon! I've actually tapped into that CSG job a few weeks ago, and am waiting to hear back from an interview with them re: another position.

I will definitely check out Heather's feed.

Thanks again for being so receptive!