Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Friday

We're usually pretty cheerful on Fridays. Usually.

This is outside our normal focus here at DCPA+CJ, but we’d sleep better knowing we helped find the best possible candidate for Assistant Director, Transformational and Applied Research with the DHS/Domestic Nuclear Detection Office – $119k-$179k – job ID: CHCO-10-066-DHS-422062 – apply by Feb. 3

Speaking of nukes: Nuclear Energy InstituteDirector, Legislative Programs

Charles Stewart Mott FoundationManager, Online Communications – Flint, MI – apply by Jan. 31 – It seems to me that every person, always, is in a kind of informal partnership with his community. His own success is dependent to a large degree on that community, and the community, after all, is the sum total of the individuals who make it up. The institutions of a community, in turn, are the means by which those individuals express their faith, their ideals and their concern for fellow men - Charles Stewart Mott, 1875-1973

Here, there, and way-the-hell-over-there choices from the Pew Charitable Trusts:
FHI is a global health and development organization whose science-based programs help fight disease, poverty, and inequity worldwide. It appears that most of these can be based in Arlington, Va. or Durham, NC:
Norfolk’s Tidewater Community College seeks Vice President for Institutional Advancement (fundraising/development and communications responsibilities) – apply by Jan. 28 for best results

Our general good cheer is severely tested by those UPS whiteboard-guy commercials – frankly, we have an urge to punch that dude – and, as for this Whiteboard Artist hire for a mystery strategic communications firm, well, we’d probably kick him/her in the shins, too – just on principle. Brainstorm Creative Services (they probably deserve an angry shove) leads the search.

Strategas Research Partners provides investment & sector strategy, economics, policy research, and technical analysis to the institutional investment community. Seeking Policy Associate candidates of the driven, focused and early-rising type.

Global Fund for Children:
America's Health Insurance Plans Deputy Press Secretary

Because Harvard University doesn't have enough money already – search alumni affairs & development category or use job req ID – Cambridge, MA
Discovery CommunicationsMedia Fulfillment Coordinator – 1-2 years experience in a post-production environment and understanding of HD and SD tape formats, TV standards & aspect ratio is required.

We have nothing against their mission to help deliver online educational resources fro higher education, but something about the name 2tor (tutor, get it?) really bugs us. But don’t let our churlishness stop you from applying for:
OK – so we’re looking for a parking spot on a crowded street, and – hey, look! there’s one! – and we’re pretty pleased until we get closer and see it’s a spot reserved for a ZipCar – and, now, damn it, we’re going to be late and/or soaked. Damn it, damn it, damn it. So, be a jerk and apply for the Marketing Manager position with these parking space-stealing tools for all we care. Jerk.

New from the Open Society Institute:
Aspen InstituteIntern, Middle East Programs – background and experience in the Middle East, public policy, international development, and/or public-private partnerships desired.

American University:
Bulletin News News Analyst early and late hours part of the equation for you, we suspect

Here's a late addition as the folks at the Dept. of Treasury try to sneak this posted-today Public Affairs Specialist for the TARP program slot past you $123k-$155k job ID: 11-SIGTAR-019DH apply by Jan. 11

, something to soothe today’s accumulated rage, anger and peevishness – the thought of helping find someone land the Federal Affairs Assistant opening at the National Beer Wholesaler’s Associationjust a mile away from our most beloved happy hour destination. You buy us many rounds here if you land this job, right? Right.

Here's to a cheerful weekend from your favorite™ public affairs
& communications jobs resource!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to pass along a job opening but can't find you contact info. How do I get in touch with you? I love this blog!

Gordon Barnes said...

Look under the about me/view my complete profile - scroll down and look at right side to find - and, no - you didn't miss it earlier; I had briefly removed that item, but it's there now.