Friday, July 29, 2011

Realtors, Bishops, Dolphins & Golfs

We're big fans of the city-greening and -cooling efforts of Casey Trees:
See if you can keep carry on my wayward son/they’ll be peace when you are done out of your head all day now that we’ve mentioned it on account if this DC-based Director of Federal Relations (search under unclassified professional staff) position with the University of Kansas – apply by Aug. 12

Strategic communications firm Rational360 is seeking university junior/senior or recent grad for its Fall Internship position – must be willing to commit to minimum of three full days a week on the job.

National Association of Realtors:
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops:
As Creative Director for United Way Worldwide, you will be responsible for brand management and for setting the overall creative direction of projects – and manage staff and the daily work activities of the Creative Studio team – apply by Aug. 12

We see several Internships with Oceana

…. and, while we’re at it, we check out their Oceana's peers in protecting the deep (and fellow-adopters of the Miami Dolphins color scheme on their website), at the Ocean Conservancy and find:
National Marine Sanctuary FoundationDevelopment & Communications Coordinator (pdf) – responsibilities include donor research & recognition, as well as web & social media management. Intern info (pdf) also listed.

Association of American Law Schools:
They’re always hiring, it seems, at the Nature Conservancy (scroll to find our use job #):
American University:
Pew Charitable Trusts:
Perhaps some of you are here looking for new employ as a result of a round of something like Talent Management & Organizational Alignment activities led by a company such as Towers WatsonExternal Communications Coordinator

SEIUCommunications Writing Coordinator –work with SEIU staff, members and leaders to conceptualize and develop remarks, op-eds, statements, talking points and other materials for SEIU leadership and campaigns – apply Aug. 26

CATO Institute:
Fire up the Golf and head out to Herndon to serve your German overlords (well, actually the General Counsel & VP of Industry-Government Relations) as Executive Coordinator for Volkswagen of America.

Leave currently sweltering DC for always-sunny Miami, FL as Public Affairs Specialist for the Office of Cuba Broadcasting with the Broadcasting Board of Governors – $89k-$115k – job ID: DEU-11-120 – fluency in Spanish required – apply by Aug. 9

Non-Baltimore opportunities with University of Baltimore:
Energy Bar AssociationData & Website Coordinator – $20-$25/hr – no, it’s not related to the Clifbar/Powerbar world.

Friday's job resource: jobs in convention/event planning from the Professional Convention Management Association

What the heck are we going to do with our last weekend in July? Watch the Nats continue their skid? Have another one of these? El Centro or Taqueria D.F.? Throw together an entry in our long-neglected Saturday supplement series (has it really been since April)? Whatever your plans, best wishes from DCPA+CJ.

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