Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bridge on the River Elizabeth

Technical difficulties wiped out about half of today's run – maybe it had something to do with #460.

437-439) Abt Associates:
440) American Bankers AssociationDirector, Public Relations – $70k-$85k

441) This is a little outside our usual focus, but certainly someone in the DCPA+CJ viewership has the community/media relations, marketing, project management skills, and sense of esprit d' corps needed for the General Manager, South Norfolk Jordan Bridge job with American Bridge Partners. Plus, it’ll probably feel pretty great to actually see this high-flying span completed, and think that you were part of such an undertaking. Norfolk, Va.

442) Arlington County FoundationSocial Media & Grant Program Internship

443-445) Center for Global Development:
446) Fairfax County GovernmentInformation Officer, Office of Public Affairs – $58k-$78k – apply by Aug. 19

447) FDA NewsReporter/Editor

448-449) Georgetown University:
450-451) Nature Conservancy:
452) Oxfam USACampaign Coordinator for the GROW Campaign

453) Smithsonian InstitutionVolunteer Coordinator – $62k-$81k - job ID: 11R-MR-296946-DEU-NMNH – apply by Aug. 12

454-455) Society for Neuroscience – we think these are new since we last checked in:
456-458) University of Maryland:
459) Vital Voices Global PartnershipExec Assistant to the President & CEOmore available that we largely noted a couple weeks back

460) and, finally – the prophets/Cassandras behind the gently titled and unfortunately timely Aftershock: Protect Yourself & Profit in the Next Global Meltdown seek Social Media & Web Content Writer - $15-$25/hr – hey look, you’re already profiting!

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