Saturday, September 10, 2011

Think Tanks & Public Policy Organizations

As a Saturday extra and future reference item, here's a roster of job & internship pages for think tanks, public policy organizations and research groups. We welcome additional suggestions for this resource by email or in the comments field.

America Speaks
American Enterprise Institute
American Foreign Policy Council
Ash Center for Democratic Governance & Innovation – Cambridge, MA
Asia Foundation
Aspen Institute
Atlantic Council

Bill of Rights Institute
Brookings Institution
British American Security Information Council

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs – New York
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
CATO Institute
Center for American Progress
Center for Economic & Policy Research
Center for Global Development
Center for International Policy
Center for Law & Social Policy
Center for Public Integrity
Center for Responsive Politics
Center for Strategic & International Studies
Center for the National Interest
Center on Budget & Policy Priorities
Century Foundation
Chicago Council on Global Affairs – Chicago, IL
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Council on Foreign Relations

e21 – Economic Policies for the 21st Century
East-West Institute
Economic Opportunity Institute – Seattle, WA
Economic Policy Institute
Education Sector
Eisenhower Institute
Ethics & Public Policy Center
Eurasia Foundation

Federation of American Scientists
Ford Foundation – New York
Foreign Policy Research Institute – Philadelphia, PA
Foundation on Economic Trends
Freedom Forum
Freedom House
Fund for Peace

George C. Marshall Institute
German Marshall Fund of the U.S.
Goldwater Institute – Phoenix, AZ

Heritage Foundation

Hoover Institution (scroll down, at lower right) – Palo Alto, CA
Hudson Institute

Independent Institute – Oakland, CA
International Center for Research on Women
International Crisis Group
International Food Policy Research Group
International Institute for Strategic Studies
Institute for Agricultural & Trade Policy – Minneapolis, MN
Institute for Humane Studies
Institute for Policy Studies
Institute for the Study of War

Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies

MacArthur Foundation – Chicago, IL
Manhattan Institute – New York
Mansfield Foundation
Massachusetts Center for a New Commonwealth – Boston, MA
Media Research Center
Middle East Institute
Migration Policy Institute

National Center for Policy Analysis – Dallas, TX
National Center for Public Policy Research
National Endowment for Democracy
National Institute on Public Policy
New America Foundation

Open Society Foundations

Pacific Research Institute – San Francisco, CA
Peterson Institute for International Economics
Pew Charitable Trusts
Pew Research Center
Population Reference Bureau
Progressive Policy Institute
Public Forum Institute
Public Policy Institute of California – San Francisco, CA

RAND Corporation
Research Triangle Institute – Research Triangle, NC
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Princeton, NJ
Roosevelt Institute – New York

Texas Public Policy Foundation – Austin, TX
Third Way
Truman National Security Project

Stimson Center

Urban Institute

Washington Institute for Near East Studies
Woodrow Wilson Center
Worldwatch Institute

updated Nov. 2011

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JJ said...

Three more:

International Crisis Group

East West Institute

The German Marshall Fund

all the above offer internships in the US or overseas.