Friday, May 17, 2013

Hello Friday

We remain in M-W-F publishing mode though next week.  For many of the super-helpful helpful folks who've submitted jobs to us in the last few days, we'll give them a prominent spot and a little extra attention on Monday,

1-3) Advancement Project
4-5) American Association for Justice
6-8) American Heart Association
9-12) American Jewish World Service
13-18) American University
19) Blue State Digitalmultiple opportunities – DC, New York and other major cities

20-23) Brookings Institution
24) California Healthcare InstituteDirector, PR & Communications – DC, Sacramento, or La Jolla, CA

25) CDIMedia Relations Specialist – Philadelphia, PA

26) Discovery CommunicationsEditorial Production Manager, Discovery Education

27-31) FHI360 – DC or Durham, NC
32-36) Georgetown University
37) International Food Policy Research Institutemultiple research-oriented posts recently added

38-39) Johns Hopkins University – new since our early May visit – Baltimore, MD
40) Kaiser Family FoundationCommunications Associate, Global Health Policy

41-46) Nature Conservancy (scroll to find or use advanced search & job #)
47) Mystery nonprofit engaged in promoting economic opportunities, community partnerships and social enterprise – Senior Director of Development (pdf) – search managed by DRI Consulting

48) Progressive, pro-immigration political action committeeCoordinator – search managed by Crossroads Campaigns

Best wishes for an easy, non-chaotic (unless you're a thrive-on-chaos sort of person) weekend from your favorite™ public affairs jobs resource.

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