Saturday, January 17, 2009

Highly Ranked Employers

Some Saturday bonus coverage for all you folks who are home/computer-bound on this particularly chilly afternoon.

Joe Davidson's Federal Diary column in Thursday's Washington Post - Government Gets High Marks From Student Job Seekers referenced a survey by Universum (see bottom for more info) of 32,000 US undergrads, asking them to rank their ideal potential future employers. Here are links to career and intern pages for their top 15 employers - with public affairs opportunities noted, where possible.

1) Google - careers - student opportunities/internships - legal & public policy dept. (CA) - just one DC-area job referenced: Enterprise Federal Apps Sales Manager

2) Walt Disney - we previously-featured a featured a passel of Disney public affairs opportunities - careers (you can also find internships through that link) - student programs. Specific public-affairs and media-related opportunities follow - please search by location or req. ID info if links do not translate to your computer:
3) Apple Computer - careers (internship info under that link)

4) Ernst & Young - careers (you can search for internships and summer jobs in advanced search) - student information - they have a DC-based Legislative & Regulatory Policy Associate Director position searchable using keyword/ID WAS000F

5) Department of State - careers - student information - internships - you can also search for opportunities directly at USA Jobs

6) Goldman Sachs - careers - internship information

7) Deloitte - careers - student information - internship information

8) Peace Corps - careers - volunteers

9) NASA - careers - student/intern info - selected jobs found:
10) PricewaterhouseCoopers - careers - student information - internship information -

11) Teach for America - careers - TFA Corps - selected opportunities include:
12) Central Intelligence Agency - careers - student/internship information

13) Microsoft - careers - student information - internship information - besides the public affairs oriented jobs listed below, there appear to be marketing-oriented PR/communications opportunities under Marketing Communications category
14) Federal Bureau of Investigation - careers - student information - internship information -

15) J.P. Morgan (now part of JP Morgan/Chase) - careers - student/internship information

Here is the Universum press release (note: pdf link) on which the Post story is based. Additional Universum ranking info includes 2008 results by respondent major and 2007 MBA survey results.

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