Friday, April 1, 2011

You vs. Someone from Swains Island

The National Children’s Center actually helps individuals of all ages who have developmental disabilities. They seek a new President to lead this 53 year old organization and a staff of 450 highly qualified professionals. Search managed by Transition Guides.

Living Social seeks sharp new hires to help fuel their continued growth in the burgeoning social commerce/online advertising space:
Community Foundation for the National Capitol RegionOperations Associate

Control Arms seeks to limit the international arms trade – the following positions (all in the same pdf file, scroll down) are located in New York, and sport an April 11 deadline – more info currently on their front page:
HALT (as in, Help Abolish Legal Tyranny) seeks Communications & Outreach Officer to help in their efforts to demystify, simplify and reduce the costs associated with a journey into the civil justice system.

The ideal candidate for Producer/Researcher at the DC bureau of Nippon Television would be conversational in Japanese, possess good organizational skills, and have strong knowledge of political and international affairs.

The fine opportunities with Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore are currently noted as available to JHU internal applicants only – we do not know if that means Senior Director, Communications & Public Affairs and Communications Associate may eventually come onto the open market if no strong internal candidate is identified – so it’s up to you to decide whether to keep an eye on these.

Scene: crowded, noisy bar
You: “I said, ‘I’m a Manager, Federal Affairs with the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association.’”
Other person: “Therapeutic-what? You're a physical therapist? I didn’t really catch that.”
You: “Plasma … oh never mind – it’s a bio-pharmaceutical trade association in Annapolis”
Other Person “WHAT? You’re a Pharmacist?”
You: “No – LOBBYIST. Do you want another beer?”

Ascension Health
has a Summer Internship opportunity for Masters of Health and Law Joint Degree students – DC or St. Louis, MO.

Ogilvy PR is seeking a digital-savvy Vice President, Destination Communications with relevant experience promoting destinations for tourism and economic development to join their 360 Degree Digital Influence leadership team. You know there must be some pretty sweet travel opportunities associated with this one.

We hope whatever April Fools pranking and jackassery you come up with doesn’t end up necessitating a call to the poison control hotline – but if it does, be sure to think of the essential work of the Association of Poison Control Centers as you try to induce vomiting in your hapless friend. And, even with a happy ending, you probably shouldn’t retell your epic tale of trickery and subsequent life-saving measures if you end up interviewing for APCC's Communications Specialist position.

Washington Wizards/MysticsMarketing Internship

Association for Psychological ScienceCommunications Manager

Familiarity working with health policy-specific media outlets, such as Health Affairs, Georgetown Center for Children and Families blog, Modern HealthCare Executive, Kaiser Family Foundation, Politico Pulse earns you extra consideration for Strategic Communications Director with the Association for Community Health Affiliated Plans.

This job is open to All U.S. Citizens and Nationals (residents of American Samoa and Swains Island) – so be forewarned, you could be competing with the approximately 37 coconut-harvesting residents of this tiny isle for this Public Affairs Specialist position with the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp. - $74k-$97k – job ID: CPAD-2011-0003 – apply by Apr. 21

NEW Customer Service Co.Web Content Specialist – can also search here, using comm/mktg category or job # 1100589)

USA Today:
American University:
Communications Associate, supporting Global Economy and Development Program, is the latest offering from the Brookings Institution – low-to-mid $40k – min. 4 years communications experience required, preferably in a fast-paced, internationally-focused operation.

No foolin' – best wishes for a minimally-annoying Friday and a great weekend from your favorite™ public affairs & communications jobs resource.


Anonymous said...

Well done! And thanks to my favorite (TM) job site for reminding me this was not a day to take too seriously.

Youth Speak said...

How do you submit job postings?

Gordon Barnes said...

Youth-speak - just email a link to wherever relevant job is posted to address here

(or look at view my complete profile on main page).