Saturday, September 10, 2016

Shaking Things Up

You know what, we're just going to hit publish on this round of previously noted opportunities closing in the coming week today, instead of holding them for Sunday.  The main reason for this deviation from the norm is "eh, just felt like it."  But we will also take this opportunity to note that our friends at Port City Brewing in Alexandria are celebrating Oktoberfest today with a party in the parking lot. Good stuff!

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Nature Conservancy
International Monetary FundCommunications Officer (scroll to find) – Sept. 13

DC Dept. of Healthcare FinanceSpecial Assistant – $98k-$139k – Sept. 14

Capitol Hill
Coalition for Nonprofit Housing & Economic DevelopmentDirector of AdvocacySept. 15

Clean Water Action & Clean Water FundOffice Manager – part-time – $15/hr – Sept. 16

Dept. of StatePublic Affairs Specialist – $108k-$141k – intergovernmental affairs focus – Sept. 16

Research!AmericaCommunications SpecialistSept. 16

U.S. Election Assistance CommissionDirector of Communications & Public Affairs – $108k-$141k – Sept. 16 

U.S. Census BureauCreative Services Manager – $108k-$141k – Sept. 16

And, speaking of outdoor beerstravaganzas: they don't get any more spectaculawesome than Snallygaster 2016 on Sept. 17 in SW DC, near Nats Park – get your tix in advance today!

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