Friday, October 23, 2015

Swamped, Thanks for Asking

The Herald GroupManager of Outreach – 1-3 years of communications experience at a think tank, association or in external affairs desired; public policy communications experience is a must

Sage Communications has let us now they’re especially interested in filling a Senior Account Exec (scroll to find) post – successful candidate will have 4-6 years of experience; agency and technology PR background a plus

Fresh opportunities per ReWork:
Advocacy & lobbying organization with a focus on international affairs – searches managed by our fiends at Brainstorm Creative Resources:
American University
We haven't had a chance to keep up the Oktoberfest etc. tally as well as we would like, but there is the Baltimore Craft Beer Festival on Oct. 24 in Baltimore, MD to note.  And Best wishes for a get-it-together and catch-all-your-s***-up weekend (well, we need one, at least) from your favoritepublic affairs jobs resource.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gordon,

The link to the Direct of Marketing and Communications role that's being managed by McKinley Marketing Partners is not working. Can you please check the link?

With thanks,

Gordon said...

Kimberly - thanks for the input - that must have been filled or otherwise pulled for some reason; I recall it being fairly high on the list here.