Friday, June 18, 2010

Smells Like School Spirit

It's Friday – and the watchword is fun. Like it should be.

We’re fully aware that fundraising/development work is undertaken with a great degree of seriousness at Georgetown University and other academic institutions (or any donor-dependent nonprofit, for that matter). Still, this call for two Prospect Analyst positions gives some insight as to the level of prospecting/research efforts involved. And, it kind of sounds kind of fun, especially if you’re a little nosy by nature. $45k-$50k.

Speaking of fun – there’s nothing that spells Friday frivolity like a complex, agate-type listing from our friends at the World Bank, who seek a Director, AFREX to manage the Africa communications team in DC and in Africa. Apply by July 5.

US Chamber of Commerce
Director, IP Coalition Development – leading a project for their Global Intellectual Property Center. Bonus coverage: we’re not going to make HR jobs a regular part of the rotation around here, but we do want you to know the Chamber is also seeking Director, Human Resources.

Fundraising pro? Boston-located, or would like to be? Fan of our 42nd President? A: Director of Major Gifts with the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

…we’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you? James Madison University is seeking a Coordinator of Promotions & Spirit – $32k – cheerleading coaching background at the collegiate level preferred, along with previous experience in marketing/promotions, event management, etc. in a Division I athletic department – Harrisonburg, Va. – apply by June 24

Moving up the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley (which actually means heading Southwest), we've found Director of Public Relations & Communications (note: link may appear blank, but scroll down) for the Augusta Medical Center in Fishersville, Va. (30 mi. West of Charlottesville). Search managed by B.E. Smith.

People ask us all the time (ok, just occasionally) where we find this fine selection of jobs & internships.* Sometimes, like this morning, we hear a story on NPR (in this case, about distributing natural resource wealth in developing countries) and decide to check out a company/organization that is referenced – bringing us to the Center for Global Development:
Dept. of Health & Human ServicesPublic Affairs Specialist - $74k-$115k – job ID: HHS-FDA-02-2010-0163 – apply by June 30

National Geospatial-Intelligence AgencyPublic Affairs Officer – $123k-$163k – job ID: 20102147 – apply by June 25

The Insured Retirement Institute has three internships available in Communications/Marketing, Legal/Gov't Affairs and for a Tech/IT sharpie (the last one is a paid position). Send resume/letter to

We always think it's fun when an HR person sends us a cheerful email about a job like Senior Web & Publication Specialist at a feel-good-about-yourself-when-you-get-out-of-bed kind of place like ACCION International. Also available: Summer HR Intern and Research Intern opportunities.

Can’t stand the lizard with the British accent? Big fan of President Palmer? How about Government Affairs Representative (search DC location or job # 000AKP) for Allstate?

TASER – yes, that TASER! – seeks Executive Assistant, Government Affairs. Once again, this sounds like fun, if you're on the right side of the trigger.

There has to be some sort of great travel-related benefits/perks if you work at Expedia, right? Send us a postcard from some beachy locale if you snag their Government Affairs Coordinator position. Can also search here, via DC location.

NOAALegislative Affairs Specialist – $62k-$97k – job ID: SO-LA-2010-0010 – apply by July 15

The Alice Ferguson Foundation is an enviro-educational organization that helps connect people, the environment, farming and the cultural heritage of the Potomac River Watershed in hope of increasing personal environmental responsibility. Their Director of Development opportunity closes on June 23; also seeking part-time Naturalist/Educator (scroll down) for the probably-fun-despite-the-name Hard Bargain Farm operation.

July 11 is the application deadline for Fall 2010 Internships of the paid variety with currently-in-the-news polling/research firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner.

We knew we’d seen Arlington County’s Artisphere referenced here previously – it sounded fun then, and it sounds fun now – especially of you’re tapped as Executive Director, and banking at the high end of the $56k-$116k salary range noted. And yes, Development Director is still available – $53k-$88k.

A couple years ago, using something called twitjobsearch would sound like a resource for hiring in the all-too-robust idiot-American community – but now, it's a source for jobs like Social Media Campaign Associate with Tuvel Communications.

Best wishes for a you-know-what kind of weekend from your favorite™ public affairs & communications jobs resource. We plan to start ours, in the usual location, at about 4:00 pm today.

* The full answer: we utilize relevant public affairs/communications job boards ranging from the obvious to the obscure, search engines, web-scraping/data-mining technology, submissions/suggestions from forward-thinking HR folks and friends of the site, or just poking through our old listings.

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